Statues and Portrait Sculptures of People

Consolation  Consolation sculpture by JOEL


The Sculptress JOEL is known for her detailed portraits, and these include some famous names as well as statues of friends being celebrated, and artworks to promote certain humanitarian causes.

Sculptures of People by JOEL are available at the Gallery


Shepherds Child statue by JOEL

Shepherd’s Child

A young boy kneeling and cradling a newborn lamb

People Sculpture by JOEL Market Friends

Market Friends

Commissioned to celebrate and promote Market Town’s Week, a young woman shows her older companion what she has found on the market.

Hope Sculpture design by JOEL

Hope Sculpture

A new project - the Hope Sculpture is being made by JOEL to promote the freedom of the individual and the cause of preventing human trafficking. You can follow this exciting project on  its own Hope Sculpture  blog.

Famous Names

Lady Godiva Sculpture by JOEL

Lady Godiva I Will Lift Up My Eyes

JOEL was commissioned to make the portrait sculptures of Lady Godiva, portrayed on a fine Spanish Stallion with details of harness and fine cloak –they are  at the moment they stepped out of the castle courtyard  and into the rough streets.

The Bard Statue of WIlliam Shakespeare by JOEL

Shakespeare The Bard

The Bard is a statue of the famous William Shakespeare – with echoes of the theatrical mask this sculpture can also be bought with the Bard’s hand and quill.

The Bard Hand and Quill statue by JOEL


The Bard’s hand is now one of several sculptures of hands celebrating writers and families

human hand sculpture by JOEL

A hand of St Augustine of Hippo is now made for Launde Abbey Leicestershire.

JOEL has also been working on sculptures of dancers, and portraits of individuals, if you would any more information do contact her at the Tenon Studio.