Horse Sculptures

Horse Bronzes by Sculptress JOEL


Horse Sculpture by the Sculptress JOEL

The Sculptress JOEL has been  commissioned by  numerous  breed societies and  equestrian organisations. Her sculptures of  sport horses have  been used as trophies by  the British Olympic  groups and  by the  Cross Country and Dressage  societies.


Amongst  several achievements the  Sculptures of  her  Horse  Collection  won the Gift of the  Year  award. These are now cast  into Bronze in  Britain to high  standards, using the lost wax  process, and they make  popular  gifts and trophies. 

The sculptures can be cast in a number of materials and finishes, including Silver or Silver plate

You can see a range of JOEL’s equestrian  sculptures at the Gallery.

Welsh Stallion Head by JOEL in Pewter


To source a  type of horse or  other animal not  yet on the website contact the Tenon Studio

Sport Horse Sculptures

Sculptures can be mounted on a variety of  bases tomake personalized gifts or trophies.

Best of Views a beautiful trophy

Best of Views trophy by JOEL

Best of Views Sculpture by JOEL





Other sport horse include Thoroughbred Horse in racing snaffle, and the Bold Cross Country Horse.






The Dressage Horse sculpture

Sport horse portraits include a lovely sculpture of a dressage horse, this sculpture of a Dutch Warmblood, with neat plaits and classic arch of head was made with the help of his rider, Emile Faurie.



Emil Faurie and VirtuDressage Horse in progress

Dressage Horse Sculpture by JOEL

A beautiful Bronze and  a lovely feature for any home or office.

You can follow the making of the Thoroughbred Bronze sculpture - Son of Deep Run

A portrait commissioned as a gift, and  an edition of only ten

Bronze Thoroughbred Sculpture by JOEL


Ponies and Cobs

Shetland ponies, Dartmoor, Welsh and many more, individual ponies representing their breeds, all sculpted with care and reference to breeders and judges.

Shetland Pony Mare and Foal by JOEL

Spirit of the Isles

Shetland Mare and Foal

The following images are  of a Welsh Pony of Cob type (section C)  is an example of the statues commissioned by the Welsh Pony and Cob society for the Society Centenary.

Welsh Pony of Cob Type Bronze by JOELBronze Sculpture of Welsh sec C by JOEL

This is a portrait of a special section C Champion stallion, Synod Roger

Ponies in Driving harness

JOEL has been asked to make portraits of ponies in harness and  driving harness

Mountain pony in driving harness by JOEL

Superstar, a stallion  -  in-hand bridle and harness.

Superb action and movement captured in clay by JOEL and now cast in  Bronze .

JOEL enjoys making Equestrian portraits of all different sizes, contact her at the Tenon Studio if you would like to commission your own Equine Sculpture.

Heavy Horses, Draft Horses and the  Shire Horse

Heavy Horses at play by JOEL