Sculptures of Dogs by the Sculptress JOEL

The Sculptress JOEL has been asked to make portrait sculpture of many different Breeds of Dogs of many shapes and sizes and individual dogs of great presence and character.

Here are a few examples, many more can be seen at the Gallery.

Life Sized Portraits

Life sized Portrait  -  Large breed - the Head of a Deerhound

Deerhound Original

The magnificent original

Sculptress JOEL and clay Deerhound

The Sculptress JOEL works on the clay

Deerhound Bronze by JOEL

The Bronze  Deerhound on granite base 

Deerhound Bronze and delighted Owner

Happy client with her Bronze Deerhound, and her response

"Fantastic, I am so delighted"

Life sized portrait - Small dog, coated breed - A Small Princess, the Cairn Terrier

Cairn Terrier original

The Cairn Terrier

Bronze Cairn Terrier

Her Bronze portrait

Life sized portrait head - a smooth coated dog - Labrador Retriever

Labrador original and Clay

View of original Labrador Dog and the portrait in clay and below, the finished Bronze, called Loyalty, this beautiful statue is a popuar fine art limited edition of only ten (X).

Loyalty Labrador Bronze by JOEL


Individual dogs have different appearances and character, and examples of different breeding such as working gun dogs occur - as an example of this the sculptress JOEL has now completed three life sized portrait heads of very different Labrador individuals and types. In addition to the classic head of Loyalty,

 Devotion Young Labrador Bronze

we also have a young working Labrador Devotion

Zeb Labrador Dog by JOEL

 and a Big, generous boy dog called Zeb.

This shows how much variation in character and expression there is – even within the  popular Labrador  breed.

“It is taking the time to talk about the individual and to watch them with their owner, that makes the difference” said JOEL “ And taking all the hours needed to add the  detail that brings the life and essence of the one we are celebrating”

Small Scale Sculpture

Here is JOEL  working on the small scale portrait of a Champion Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Sculptress JOEL and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The sculpture cast in Bronze, with a lovely red Bronze Tudor cushion to stand upon.

Bronze Cavalier Spaniel by JOEL

Royal Reflection

There are other retrievers and collies, terriers and working dog sculptures for sale and these can all be seen at the Gallery.

If you do not see the breed you  are looking for, contact JOEL at the studio.

Ruswarp the Collie Statue by JOEL

Ruswarp the Collie Dog Statue

JOEL is known for having been commissioned to make the life sized Collie dog sculpture at Garsdale Station.

She has also been commissioned to make dogs 'like no other dogs'  for clients and charities, including Hearing Dogs for Deaf People.