Sculptures of Other Companion and Domestic Animals Including Lambs, Llamas and Cats

Life Sized Lambs

Bronze Sculpture of a pair of Lambs by JOEL

Joyful and Playful Lambs

Bronze Statue life sized lambs in the garden. Joyful and Playful have also been patinated in White, adding a new dimension to this lovely sculpture. Very suitable as a statue in the public domain.

Joyful and Playful White Lambs by JOEL close up

Joyful& Playful white lambs statue by JOEL

Here the lambs are on an exhibition granite plinth, but they can be set into the ground.

Contact the studio if you would like to purchase Joyful and Playful or to commission your own bespoke statue




The Burmese Queen

A special breed of cat, the sculpture made with the help of breeders of this athletic cat, and also checked by breed judges.

"She is perfect to breed standard"  Comment by judge.

Pale and Bronze Burmese Queen by JOEL

Shown with presentation gift box.

Originally commissioned by the Burmese cat Club

Young Queen Cat Bronze by JOEL

The Young Queen

Sweet Dreams Kitten Bronze by JOEL

Sweet Dreams

Cat on a Wall Miniature Bronze by JOEL

Cat on a brick Wall - miniature sculpture in Bronze by JOEL


Other sculptures of domestic animals include Pigs and Llamas.

JOEL was commissioned to make affordable Bronze resin collectable sculptures of Llamas, Pot bellied pigs, Tamworth and Gloucester Old Spot pigs - as well as their own logos in sculpture of a dog, cat and rabbit.

She was commissioned to make a trophy, and award for the Animal Health Trust WAG awards - this took the form of a Dog and cat on a cushion and was awarded for six years. 

JOEL also had the privilege of making a range of awards given to the puppy socialisers of the charity Hearing Dogs for Deaf people. This included her being asked to sculpt a telephone! Which was set with a Bichon Frise doing his work of alerting to a phone call.

Please contact the Studio for details, or to commission a sculpture of a different animal.