Bird Sculptures

Captured in  detail and with care to convey the characteristics and beauty of different bird species.

Here are a selection of a developing Collection of sculptures of birds.

Kingfisher Waiting Sculpture by JOEL

Kingfisher Waiting

These sculptures make great gifts to celebrate special occasions and decorate your important space.

Bronze birds available to buy are at the Gallery.

Sand Martin Flight of Air Together by JOEL

Sand Martin Pair In Flight Together

These and other Birds have become popular statues  set on stones and rocks especially selected by the Sculptress JOEL for the installation.

Sculpture of Birds by JOEL set in Stream

Finding a Home  Mixed Pair of Sand Martins on stone obelisc

The above pair are SOLD - but a different pair are now available on a different stone base, order here or call the Studio

If you have particular ideas, or want to discuss a feature for your house or garden, or public space, contact the Sculptress JOEL at the Tenon Studio.

Turtle Dove bronze by JOEL and admirers

Turtle Dove on Lakeland Slate Obelisc

You can see more examples of these environment sculptures and installations by JOEL

“One of the attributes I like about working in three dimensions, is how different sculptures can be set in different settings and  with light on them changing at different times of day” JOEL  says “Adding the right detail, and setting work in a certain way  - and something special happens”

JOEL’s work is  exhibited  at various events, and  attracts attention, and admiration

A small selection of quotes from the public include

“Splendid” “Superb” “ A Masterpiece” “ I love it “

JOEL is developing a portfolio of iconic birds including the Swallow

Swallow Summer Flight sculpture by JOEL

Swallows Summer Flight Together

Bird Sculpture in Nature Conservation

Little Owl sculpture promotes Nature Conservation

Little Owl Bronze and admirers

JOEL would like to undertake more commissions of bird species and wildlife – so if you are passionate about a certain animal and want to  be part of celebrating it in sculpture, do contact her to talk through your preferences – or perhaps you would  just like to be the one to have a Number One of and edition, Call the her Tenon Studio or send e mail.