Workshops with  the Sculptress JOEL

The Sculptress JOEL takes various types of Workshops with members of the public, in schools and as part of an exploration of fun and art in Christian Worship.


Workshops with the Sculptress JOEL, Making with Clay at Public Events

Sculptress JOEL workshop at Food Festival

JOEL has had the opportunity to encourage people of all ages to have a go at modelling out of different materials. She was asked to do so by the Food Festival at Melton Mowbray in 2005.

We made mushrooms, and I heard after the event, that the children had carefully carried away the mushrooms they made.

JOEL responded to the experience "At other events in Leicestershire, I met some of the youngsters again and they were keen to have another go to make something.It is great to be able to share creativity and to inspire people of all ages to have a go and to enjoy making and celebrating what they see around them."

JOEL also took workshops in schools and gave talks about the process of sculpting as part of the Market Ladies Sculpture project, that celebrated Market Towns week in 2004

JOEL  tutoring at local College

Other Work by the Sculptress JOEL Tutoring for Local College 

"You would be amazed at how much the group achieved during our courses together. We made fish, a coral reef, we studied and made faces and at Christmas we made angels and other characters from the nativity of Jesus. 

I was so grateful for the support and encouragement of the helpers and learnt a lot myself during my time at the College."



JOEL was invited to Swanwick to the Methodist Music Society conference as a workshop leader. The members of her group had fun together and made birds.

Making Birds as an act of Christian Worship

The birds made were of great variety, each chosen by the maker and being modelled in three dimensions and later painted. Others cut from fabric were  uniform from an identical pattern. 

This was to celebrate and reflect on the truth that we are all unique and individually special to God. Christians are all equal, no one more or less, all are one in the Holy Spirit, and made fit for the purpose of the Kingdom of God.

The group also took the opportunity to pray. Prayers included that each one should value others and that unity amongst Christians should increase.

Earlier in the year JOEL had been asked to Launde Abbey to provide workshops as part of prayer.

"There was a lovely sense of achievement as people made their own birds. It is marvelous to see the variety and the beautiful colours people used to further individualize their work."

Says JOEL, "I am convinced that with time and support everyone can make something and enjoy the achievement"

Adding colour at the workshop with JOEL

JOEL also gives talks to various societies, and after dinner groups.

These sometimes include workshops, but often an account of her life as a sculptress and some of the details of making sculpture from clay to cast.

If you would like more information about this aspect of her work and her availabity as a speaker and workshop leader

PLEASE contact the studio