Swift #Swifts #swifts ! in Bronze

Posted on: 30th June 2017

To celebrate Swifts and support Swift conservation the lovely Swift sculpture is being cast as single birds.


Single Swift Bronze Sculpture

Single Swift Sculpture

A single Swift  bronze makes a lovely gift for any special occasion.

Two of these will be winging off to promote swifts at different exhibitions this year but others are available to order. 

Please let the studio know urgently if you would like one reserved for you.

The foundry process takes tie and special skills and equipment. We use UK foundries for their skills, quality and to support and keep our casting heritage.

These  Swift sculptures will be passing through a foundry near the famous Birmingham jewellery quarter.
The next stage is the making of waxes, which are checked by the artist and then have an investment mould built upon them.  

wax for Swift Bronze Sculpture
Swift wax with image of Swift in flight for reference,

You can see where extra material has been added and worked on the wing tips and tails feathers.

After this casting mould is finished it has to take the temperature and pressure of molten bronze pouring into it and others nearby. 

When the sculptures in their investments cool they look like strange building blocks and the Bronze swift inside needs to be freed and cut loose and fettled and chased into the sculptural form for you to enjoy.

 Swift Bronze Sculpture cast

Swift Bronze cast, finished and ready for colour

New bronze looks rather like a new penny coin because of the copper content. Unlike the Romans and other ancients who used to bury their statues to achieve the classic, rich, dark Bronze colour – we use heat and chemicals to patinate the sculptures. 

Patination of bird bronze by JOEL

Here Swallow bronzes being treated to give the rich bronze tone to sculptures.

Patination of bird bronze by JOEL

Heat on chemicals to achieve patination of the bird Sculpture
Joel has been exploring the use of cast steel for some of the new bird sculptures she is making  but the classic bronze tones with a hint of white at the throat is just perfect for Swift statues and figures.

Single Swift Bronze Sculpture white throat

White throat of Swift Bronze

We have been looking for suitable bases and fixings for you to choose from to set your Swift in your home, garden or landscape setting. We can also have special stone bases sourced worked and carved to order.

This all shows the breadth of skills and resources involved in bringing a unique Swift statue for you.