Stepping out from Stone

Posted on: 31st January 2017

Bronze Turtle Dove on Stone feature

Admiring the Turtle Dove Bronze - the Resonance of Colour of Artwork and Garden

The shapes, colour tones and textures of stone have long held a wonder to people. The colours that gleam in different light levels and shine in wet conditions and the changes with wind and weather bring the complexity and almost a contradiction of the enduring that also changes.

Stones that you have found and selected, rock from quarries or stonemasons...the choices we make in cuts or using the stones for supporting, warming, separating places and spaces.

As a sculptor I am inspired anew by the work of other craftsmen and designers to review how stone has played a part in my work and may do so with a fresh look and important message.

Slate has been a lovely medium to support and display Bronze and can be sourced in the UK whether you like the plain even soft grey or a greenish form with reddish unique patterns that is reminiscent of the veins of marble.

Bronze Goldfinches on Cumberland Slate by  JOEL

Bronze Goldfinch Charm by JOEL on Cumberland Slate

There is a world of form and colour in stone. Another early favourite - Irish Quartzite with its frothy pale, reflective crystals, unique veining and hidden gold!

The stone looks so attractive in different light and has a sense of movement within it, even without the addition of falling water.

White Dove on Irish Quartzite by JOEL

White Dove Lifting away from Irish Quartzite

Cumberland slate has been a favourite of mine for these characteristics and I am grateful for the companies that have taken the time to source and make the shapes that are enjoyable in their own right and provide the stepping off base for the bronzes – such as the Turtle Dove at the head of a garden walk or the Swallows near the lake.

Pair of Bronze Swallows by JOEL near the lake

Swallow Pair Flying in the Garden from the Curves of Cumberland Slate

Seeking the warm light sandstone look for a Home wall for the Bronze Sand Martin family led to the adventures of choosing, cutting, drilling and then hand finishing by the artist.

Bronze Sand Martins on Worked Stone by JOEL

Bronze Sand Martins Set on the Worked Stone

Storing sandstone in the garden resulted in one of those lovely incidents of something happening that you did not intend and yet is a great way forwards ...  the forming of mossy tops.

Bronze Goldfinch over mossy top stone

Moss Covered Stone with Goldfinch Feature for Dark Garden Corner

This development is unfolding as an important design option and conservation message – to encourage such greening of some of our hard surface substrates and rock features to hold such photosynthesizing growth.

"I hope you enjoyed a look back at the stones that have come into use set with enduring artwork to bring a sense of peace and inspiration to the landscape...and that you also are inspired to creativity with stone and plants." Sculptress JOEL

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