Sculptures for the Garden and Open Spaces

Posted on: 29th November 2013

Artworks that are popular for garden features providing accent, colour, form and movement - JOEL has overseen the design and execution of an increasing portfolio of sought after ornaments, statues, water features and fountains. 

Visit the GALLERY for examples, and some features available for sale now.

Whether they nestle in the lush foliage of the high Summer or provide colour and form for the cold Winter days, these objets d'art make a garden  even more special and inspiring.

Garden Visitor admires Dove over Obelisc by JOEL

Celebrating nature, curves, colour and movement, with attention to detail and designed with careful consultation with the client for a trouble free installation.

Visit the GALLERY for examples, and some features available for sale now.

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Green Space Designs

With other specialists Joel is developing a new service to provide green breathing places - low maintenance spaces with inspiring microclimates. These projects will engage with the need for nature conservation, increase of photosynthesis and improved water management.