Making the Gift Personal

Posted on: 17th November 2017

Labrador Walking Girl in Red Collar
Love Labradors! 
Among all the lovely animal companions I have had the privilege of sculpting I have been most often asked to make sculpture portraits of Labrador Dogs.
 Labrador Will Power
How different the individuals and types of Labrador are - from classic deep-chested boys to sleek working lads and lasses.
 Labrador Will Power
These commissions have often become available as limited editions. This is so helpful for lovers of Labradors who do not have the time or extra budget to start on the long process of making an animal sculpture portrait.
 Labrador Standing Proud
Making the Gift Up Close and Personal
Even with the edition sculpture the lost wax process allows some small changes to be made to individualise the sculpture to be more like the Labrador of the new owner.
A recent example of making a bronze Labrador very personal included adding the red collar, characteristic of a special dog, to make a special birthday present.
 Labrador Walking Girl in Red Collar on a Trophy Pl

Labrador Dog Trophy
All these changes take time to achieve – but it makes a bronze unique.