Finding a Focal Feature

Posted on: 4th July 2017

How do you achieve the look you will be happy with for more than a first impression and how much do we need to spend?
 Sculpture form Pride of the valley
Sculpture at Pride of the Valley
So much depends on the inspiration and concepts that the garden owner and the designer have – looking for scale, contrast or intimacy – these factors influence the size and colour of the artwork you are searching for.
 Five Gold Sings  by JOEL
Five Gold Sings at Sculpture in the Sanctuary

Many artists not only have a portfolio of work that you can buy or will make to order for your project – many also are just waiting for the opportunity to design and make something bespoke for your particular space.

 Bronze Swallows above the trees by JOEL
Swallows above the trees 

How to see a variety of choice in landscape settings  
If you are in the UK there is an increasing number of venues that hold sculpture exhibitions and trails. Some of these are annual, while others come around every two years or are held as a special event.

Reflections Swallows water by Joel
Pair of Swallows above their reflection Marks Hall Lake 2015

As a sculptor artist I have been invited to show my work at several super places that really help visitors gain a feel of how the statues will look in a landscape, garden or other space.

For the designer there are often the styles and examples of between 40 to 60 artists to experience and enjoy... so you can compile a portfolio  suitable for your own projects.

Colour&form Marks Hall 2015
Colour and form at Marks Hall 2015

Visiting such events allow us to experience a great range of artwork in a variety of settings and the brochures and price lists  give guidance as well artists’ contact details.

For those who want to have something  that is not to be found in volume with a short ‘shelf-life’ these are great places to make contact with artists and see an inspiring range of form and design, and message.

As an example look out for the event at Marks Hall Arboretum, near Coggeshall in Essex - Saturday 29th July until Sunday 10th September 2017– for more possibilities contact the Tenon Studio.