Favourite dog portrait sculpture of head in bronze

Posted on: 4th August 2017

Working on the Dog Portrait in Bronze

For those interested in having a portrait of their dog in sculpture this stage of the process is coming close to the end...the lovely dog friend is now ‘captured’ life size in Bronze.
 Bronze dog portrait sculpture  near finish
    “I love the tones and textures and the colours in the bronze caused by the different processes. When everything is finished the portrait sculpture has its Bronze colour developed with heat and chemicals and then there is a special wax applied to give the final finish,” Says Joel.

Remember the founders wax and the clay stages?

Dog portrait in clay stage by joelDog portrait sculpture founders wax stage

You can find out more about the whole process links to follow.

When we tell you the project was initiated in February 2017 you can see how long it can take to make a detailed accurate portrait sculpture and to cast it into Bronze at a specialist foundry in the UK.

Contact Joel if you would like a portrait of your companion animal – she also makes sculpture and sculpture portraits of people.