Bronze Sculpture Gift or your Own Commission

Posted on: 3rd November 2017

There are many portrait sculptures of special dog and other animal friends to choose from.

Some are available from the Tenon Studio  or from lovely galleries like the Dotty Gallery in Twyford, Leicestershire  LE14 2HU.

My Friend Flatcoated Retriever

Golden Retriever Bronze

Golden Friend Golden Retriever dog

Many of the special limited Edition sculptures were originally commissioned sculptures.

If you have a particular friend that you would like to celebrate contact Joel at the Tenon Studio and share your ideas for a commission of your own.

Commissioned Portrait of a Collie Dog

Collie Dog Ruswarp Portrait Statue Commission

These projects can take many months and only a select number are made in any year.

You can have your own detailed portrait made and cast into bronze at an excellent British foundry.

The different stages of the portrait sculpture can be watched and enjoyed and you can have confidence that the resulting sculpture or statue is a work of art that you can enjoy. The Bronzes  become heritage sculpture that you will be proud to hand on.

Difference in Detail - Labrador Sculptures by JOEL

Two very different individual Labrador Dogs and their portrait head sculptures

Chocolate Labrador classic  Loyalty

Working type of Black Labrador Devotion

Happy Dog Days!