Bronze Little Owl & Moss to Celebrate Conserving Invertebrates

Posted on: 15th December 2016


Planning for future events - Sculptress JOEL has used one of her Bronze of a Little Owl and eight  invertebrates to show the difference it makes in having a Mossy covering to such a garden feature.

 Bronze Little Owl on post by Sculptress JOEL

 Bronze Little Owl on post by Sculptress JOEL

The local moss has been selected and mossy stones and pebbles added to show the look improve in interest and green benefit.

 Bronze Little Owl post & moss, Sculptress JOEL

 Bronze Little Owl  with moss added by Sculptress JOEL

This Bronze statue was made for the Peter Smith Trust for Nature Conservation and promotes the message of the importance of conserving habitats and insect populations.

Bronze snail & Ivy by Sculptress JOEL

Round behind the back of the Little Owl there are nine invertebrates in among the Bronze Ivy.

  Bronze Little Owl side & moss, Sculptress JOEL

Moss and lichens provide water retentive micro-environments for many invertebrate species and every  garden, yard, urban space ... designs that includes them benefits us all.

"This is a trial to see how much the mosses will enhance the statue and the dull corner" says Joel,"We are preparing some stone for Mossy bases for Bronzes and other sculptures ready for clients and for exhibitions next year"

Bronze invertebrates by Sculptress JOEL

Close up of Bronze Invertebrates by Sculptress JOEL

Interest of the small scale and discoveries

 Bronze Little Owl front, Sculptress JOEL
 Close up of the Golden eyes of this popular Owl captured in Bronze and making a lovely Gift, statue or landscape feature. 

Sales of this Statue help raise funds for Nature Conservation Projects.