Brightening up the Winter

Posted on: 23rd November 2017

The first Robin has hatched from the foundry and I have made the first colour trials to echo that iconic orange-red breast.


Robin Bronze base colour by JOELRobin Bronze colour by JOELFull Colour Robin Bronze by JOEL
It is in the study of any species you start to discover information about them that may have been seen but not really 'noticed'.
The orange tones of feathers are found above the beak and above and below the gleam of dark eye. The sides and lower breast feathers are more grey in tone than white and the browns of the back rather lighter than true bronze.

Robin Bronze base colour by JOELRobin Bronze rear view colour by JOELRobin Bronzes colour by JOEL
From all this and with the help of the detail in the sculpture and the use of heat, chemicals, paints, dyes and waxes my interpretation of the Robin Bright Gift.
Next some photography trials outdoors.

Here the first photos

Robin Bright Day Close up

Here is Robin Bright Day  close up

Robin Bright Day in bonsai moss garden

The new Robin Sculpture in Bronze with Unique White Pine and miniature Moss Garden.


RObin Bright Day on weathered stone pillar

The Robin bronze set on a weathered stone pillar

Robin Bright Day Rear view

A rear view of the bronze bird sculpture Robin Bright Gift showing the warmer bronze tones in a different light

Robin Bright Day   - the Robin Bright Gift is set on a unique pillar of stone with the beginnings of moss growth.