Brightened Spaces & Greening Places

Posted on: 8th December 2016

The pair of Bronze Goldfinches by JOEL have been set in the first Mossy Top feature stone to make an interesting and affective addition for an otherwise hard and nondescript space.

Pair of Goldfinches in Bronze by JOELMossy Top Bright Goldfinch Bronze by JOEL

The Bronze Goldfinches are given the distinctive hues and tones by JOEL using a technique called Rutland Colour that she has developed from the classic patination using chemicals and heat, and the addition of paints, dyes and stains in a similar way to the Austrian Bronze.

Mossy Top Bright Goldfinch from above by JOEL

The gleam of gold and warm red of the iconic markings of the Goldfinch catch the light and lift the atmosphere of this corner on a damp winter's day.

For those who prefer the traditional gleam of warm bronze, the Goldfinches and other bird sculptures can be ordered in that form.

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