Birthday Gift Revealed

Posted on: 11th September 2017

The last stages of bringing a unique birthday gift to celebrate the years of joy and companionship summed up in the portrait sculpture of a very much loved dog pal.

Bronze dog head portrait by JOEL

The portrait with its lovely Bronze patination and highlights to the texture and detail of hair is now mounted on its base. The Bronze statue is collected from the UK foundry and taken to the Tenon Studio for a few final finishing touches by the sculptor.

Bronze dog head portrait by JOEL 3/4 view

‘What a pleasure to enjoy the beauty and character of this lovely dog before we swiftly and safely deliver the bronze to the owner  for the presentation to the “Birthday Girl” says Joel. ‘To see and hear about the delight and emotion that the finished work brings is the time when I feel the project complete.’

Bronze dog head portrait by JOEL Left Side

People who commission Joel to make sculpture portraits of people and animals can be assured that they can see the work as it progresses and give their input and understanding throughout the project. You can see the portrait in the clay stage before it goes off to be cast into metal.

Unveiling of the Dog BronzeFirst touch of the commissioned Bronze portrait

Joel has overseen sculptures and statues cast into Bronze, Silver and Steel as well as having access to stone and worked stone.

Sculptures can also be scaled up to become bold large statues for the landscape and public domain.