Environment Sculptures ~Sculptures and Statues by the Sculptress JOEL

A small selection of sculptures and statues designed and made by the Sculptress JOEL.

Contact JOEL to discuss making something similar or completely different for your own space 

Turtle Dove  by Sculptress JOEL on Lakeland slate

Turtle Dove on Lakeland Slate Obelisc  SOLD

Others Available at the Gallery

White Dove by Sculptress JOEL in Garden

White Dove Bronze on  Irish quartzite

Kingfisher Bronze by JOEL

Kingfisher Bronze by Sculptress JOEL set  by waterside

Mandarin duck water feature by JOEL

Mandarin Drake Bronze  SOLD  set as indoor water feature by JOEL

Joyful and Playful by JOEL amongst the Sheep

Joyful and Playful lambs near the sheep

Limited Edition Bronze life sized statue of Lambs at the Gallery

Joyful and Playful by JOEL at Hidcote Manor

Bronze Joyful and Playful Lambs by Sculptress JOEL at Hidcote Manor

Bronze Lambs by JOEL close up - detail

Close up view of the Bronze Lambs by JOEL

Mixed Pair of Bronze Sand Martins on stone pillar

The mixed pair of Sand Martins are a beautiful water feature SOLD

Other Bronze Sand Martins available on unique rock formations

Pair Bronze Sand Martins in Flight over stream

This Pair of Bronze birds  - Flight of Air  Together

can be set indoors, or in conservatories or gardens