Commission a Sculpture

The Sculptress JOEL undertakes commissions  and makes special statues and sculpture installations  for  public and private places. 

She works  in detail and achieves  excellent portraits of Animals and People, and beautiful designs for statues.

Thoroughbred portrait sculpture by JOEL with owner

You can follow the making of a sculpture of a thoroughbred horse, or of a portrait head  from  Doug the dog’s perspective.

Half sized portrait  Bull Mastiff by  JOEL

Below we cover aspects of what is involved with a portrait cast into Bronze at the foundry – the alternative is to have work cast using contemporary resin material.

If you follow on from what is involved with making and casting, you find the comments on costs

“What is involved in a portrait sculpture?”

JOEL does undertake retrospectives and overseas work, when the following guideline has to be amended:

Consultation visit, to talk through what you are looking for

photography of collies for sculpture

Photography, measurements, study, questions, and research

Manufacture of an armature

Collie sculpture armature

Build up of clay in studio

Collie clay build up

Site visits and sittings

More studio work

Photography  and blog reports


Original finished and taken to have mould made

Collie Moulds

Mould to foundry

Foundry Wax poured

Collie portrait head wax

Waxes checked and finished

Sprues and runners added

Boxer investment mould and original clay

Investment mould built on

Core added

Kiln baked and wax lost

Molten Bronze poured

Investment mould removed

Fettling  of sprues etc and Chasing of detail

Welding and fixing

Checking and finalizing

Bull Mastiff being patinated

Patination of Bronze with chemicals and heat

Adding of base

Collection and delivery

Bull Mastiff Sculpture deliveredColliesby JOEL and delighted owner

The smiles of recognition and pleasure ...


“How much does it cost?”

This is a question often asked – yet  prices vary considerably depending on many factors:-

Size, material of casting, edition size, complexity, location, and other projects JOEL is involved with.

Sometimes a project might cost less than expected because it fits in with another schedule,  or JOEL can suggest a particular design achievable for a certain budget.

Budget for costs from £1500 to £18,000 for tabletop pieces and portrait heads of people and dogs, as well as life sized medium dogs. If you would like a miniature then this can be achieved for a bespoke price.  Contact JOEL to determine the costs involved in your own sculpture,

the Sculptress JOEL makes  consultation  visits for your own unique project.

Having a portrait or design made for your own home or other space  is a special event, and with the Sculptress JOEL you can follow the project throughout, watching the clay being built, and  be involved  all along with your own observations and feedback.

JOEL was selected to make the Statue for the Friends of the Settle to Carlisle Line, and achieved a portrait of the Collie dog Ruswarp that has become a popular landmark in Yorkshire.

Sculptress JOEL and Statue of Collie Ruswarp

JOEL has been  given many special commissions :-

·  Wild animals and bird statues  for nature conservation societies

·  Horses, dogs and cats breed societies

·  Portraits of famous people for  an art gallery

·  Bronze and cold cast sculptures of people & animals as trophies and awards for many other charities.

Seahorse Sculptures by JOEL

JOEL  has won many awards, her study of Seahorses entitled "Treasure from Darkness" was a runner up in a National Sculpture Competition, she won the Top Twenty Best New Product at the London Gift Fair, and the prestigious Gift of the Year Award from the International Spring fair.

 Examples of JOEL's work have been on exhibition  across the UK and  overseas.  2013 Exhibitions

" It is a delight and a great privilege to be able to sculpt and be involved in the design and making of works of Art that can bring so much pleasure to people "  The Sculptress JOEL