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Bull Mastiff Sculpture

My name is Doug and this is my diary of the sculpting of my head.
I am a Bull Mastiff who lives with his humans in Leicestershire...they think I am rather special.

This is my profile.
The Sculptress JOEL came and met me and my humans and took lots of measurements...I was my usual self and took it all in my stride.

My humans had a photo shoot...which was a good reason for taking my humans for a walk.

JOEL has used a thick metal rod to support my portrait, fixed to a base board.

JOEL then added the metal bracket at the top and some wire.

JOEL cut special mesh and then added some filler( horrid smelly stuff, I am glad she did that in her own kennel not at my place)

Next she has added lots of squishy clay - it is not quite so smelly and you cannot eat it.This takes time and soon she is going to visit us at my place for a sitting.
Catch you later !



The work progresses !

You can sort of see my wonderful profile...

this is English June weather and it began to rain as sculptress was taking pics...she is coming to visit tomorrow ...then we shall see more...

Catch you later



WOoof Woof
Okay so we had a good session with the sculptress
And for all you canine friends out there...this is good humans have been supplying me with lots of fuss to keep me sitting at my best AND extra doggy bics so tell your humans its okay.
If you are a squeamish human you had best look away and scroll down a bit - coz I think the sculpture looks well weird without eyeballs in

We just had to check it out

Sculptress did more work and
it looks better already

This is back at the Sculptress studio

Woof looks like a dog to me !
But not a Doug yet...Sculptress says wait a bit, we have come a long way - she is right

Catch you later

Hello between rain showers !
Sculptress has been busy putting ears on and off apparently....getting them all wired up - sounds painful !

She says she is nearly ready for my own personal wrinkles.

I do not know what she means unless she is talking about my character lines !

That means another visit to my place ...Woof Woof more treats and attention.

Looks like rain again....Catch you later



Sunshine today and I have had a great walk....Sculptress here to do my character lines...intense session....So much posing.

My humans agree with me the sculpture thing is beginning to look more like my gorgeous self.

Sculptress put the ears on properly and has done some of my character lines.

All this looking Gorgeous posing is hard work

You can have a look at the next pictures of sculpture back at Sculptress studio while I have a little well deserved snooze.
ZzzZZ zzzzz

Woof Wuff

Sculptress did more work and then was back here ~ with a sculpture of me ~Doug
I must say she has my character lines and a bit of my wonderful look

Sculptress has gone away to her own kennel now ...yawn...all this posing is hard work
catch you later


NEWS ~ Sculptress has finished fiddling with the clay... My portrait is going away to a place called Birmingham to what is called a foundry - very smelly ~of wax and metal and other things...Phew....Sculptress is going to keep us informed how it is all going...but look here !!

Nice Job...WOofs

Doug ~ the Star !


Woof ~ More news ~ Sculptress has been to check the wax whatever that means and there was a long wait for the furnace and casting to happen...complicated hot smelly noisey stuff...then Sculptress went to add the colour.. Pat in Nation....looks painful !

Then she came to bring it to my house

We had a good look

Its a good Job! Woof

Lets have a close look

My humans looked very pleased

So there we are

Sculptress says that some other homes can have a sculpture too...but that the others will not have my special ears ! Woof

Glad I caught you