Commissions and Limited Editions

Sculptures of animals and people by the Sculptress JOEL

Animal Sculpture



Dog Sculpture

The Sculptress JOEL has sculpted the portraits of many best loved dogs.
Some of these are available as Limited Editions.

DOG SCULPTURE Dog Sculptures dog sculpture dog sculptures
Included here is the sculpture of a Black Labrador sitting and alert.
The title is Will Power, reflecting the skills and ability of the Black Labrador.

BLACK LABRADOR Black labrador black labrador

Will Power is 14cm long and cast in foundry Bronze in a limited edition of 750.
Will Power costs 499.00
Some low numbers are available of this special sporting dog sculpture.

Admirers of the German Shorthaired Pointer have a short time in which to buy an early edition number of the new standing portrait of this strong proud dog.
This is a short run edition of only 75 and the price is 725.00.


In 2006 the Sculptress JOEL was commissioned to do several life sized portraits of the heads of dogs.

The Chocolate Labrador portrait head is being issued as a Limited Edition, and is a beautiful and imposing piece of sculpture for the Collector or fan of these lovely dogs.
Here we see the Maggie the original star for the model

CHOCOLATE LABRADOR Chocolate Labrador Cholocolate labrador
The process of sculpting involves the taking of many photographs, detailed measurements and long hours with the animal and their people
Life sized Bronze Sculpture of a
Labrador portrait head
Dog Sculpture Working Dogs Collie Dogs
We have several different breeds of Collie already in Edition.
These athletic dogs have great poise and energy.
Beardied Collie Sculpture Beardied Collie Dog
Entitled On the Hill this sculpture of the Beardied Collie captures this lovely breed of dog, and the edition has already been collected by many Beardied Collie breeders and judges.
537.00 Foundry Cast Bronze
Other Working dogs have their own sections, please follow the links
Bull Mastiff
Flat Coated Retriever
Companion Dogs Spaniels Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Pictured below is the Sculptress JOEL at work on the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel called
Royal Reflection.

If you would like aone of the edition of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel,
Royal Reflection is now available only in Foundry cast Bronze. The edition is selling rapidly .

Royal Reflection is a detailed portrait of the dog
Champion Lymrey Royal Reflection of Ricksbury.
He is portrayed standing on a low cushion
modelled on those designed in the times of King Charles.

Cheerful and affectionate the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel makes a lovely friend and companion.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel cavalier king charles spaniel

499.00 Foundry Cast Bronze of Cavalier Dog on Tudor cushion
Commissioning your own Sculpture

JOEL has been commissioned for portraits of an increasing number of dog breeds.
If you are a breeder or owner of a Champion or friend

and would like to commission or sponsor a portrait please contact JOEL

JOEL says " I am the human to a Cavalier called Chloe, and I was very grateful to her for her help with the rear view of a sculpture called The Cavaliers Companions !
It has been wonderful to meet and sculpt so many different breeds and types of dogs. Always it is an adventure to learn about them and the details of their conformation, character and expressions "